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Electric Lift

The range of stylish domestic lifts by Stiltz Lifts offers house builders an easy way of making a house completely accessible due to the lift’s unique size, drive mechanism and dual rail technology. StiltzLifts_924_02Its innovative shape means the Stiltz Electric Home Lift is so versatile it can be installed virtually anywhere in a house, making it an ideal and surprisingly affordable alternative to a stairlift.

This is because there is no lift shaft or load bearing walls required and it does not have to be fixed to the floor. Thanks to its unique dual rail system, the Stiltz Electric Home Lift is a totally self-supporting structure and there are no hydraulics. The lift is powered by an electric motor system that is very quiet and housed out of sight at the top of the lift and plugs straight into the wall using a normal 13-amp power socket.

Standard features include a remote control to call the lift from any floor, a battery back-up, full height light curtain, full or half height doors, obstruction sensors, and the roof of the lift is covered with the original flooring so when the lift is downstairs it does not intrude upstairs. There is also a Stiltz Lift model available which is big enough to fit a wheelchair.

For more information about the Stiltz Electric Home Lifts range, contact Stiltz Lifts on 0844 870 9087, email: or visit: – quoting Building & Facilities Magazine.