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Lugano paving from Brett Landscaping

The cool, contemporary lines of the Lugano flag paving from Brett Landscaping have helped to create an impressive yet welcoming exterior to the prestigious Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble, Southampton.

BrettLandscaping_923_03Established in 1837 and with a long line of royal patrons, the yacht club moved to the Hamble in 1934 and has since created a contemporary, yet sympathetically designed club house. BrettLandscaping_923_05The large area surrounding the club is multifunctional, being used as an entrance to the club house itself, an outdoor seating area, and a walk way to the pontoons – and being the first feature visitors see on arrival at the yacht club it was imperative that it mirrored the high quality of the rest of the development.

Alan Feltham, General Manager/Club Secretary at the Royal Southern Yacht Club, explains, “Our aim was to create a clean, comfortable area in which our members and visitors could relax, whilst still maintaining an impressive club house entrance and a practical pathway to the pontoons.”

It was these factors which led chartered landscape architects, Influence Environment Ltd, based in Fareham, Hampshire, to Brett Landscaping after extensive research. Landscape architect, Suzie Leiber, explains, “Our brief was to improve the external space for the Clubhouse with creating an elegant terrace area which would be suitable for future events at the yacht club. After consultations with yacht club members on the different design options from fluid to more formal, it was decided to go with the final scheme resulting in the simple, contemporary terrace which addresses the relationships with the Hamble Conservation Area.”