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Elevate your fire protection knowledge with Nullifire’s 2024 CPDs and Training Calendar

Celebrating 50 years as a global leader in passive fire protection, Nullifire, part of Tremco CPG, announces an exciting lineup of CPDs and training sessions for 2024. Nullifire takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of training programs and CPDs designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals and organisations. From intumescent steel coatings to fire stopping products, including cavity fire barriers, Nullifire’s training equips participants with the knowledge to implement effective passive fire protection solutions.

Our training programs cater to a diverse audience. Whether you’re a fire safety professional, a member of an organisation, or part of a specific industry, Nullifire’s training is crafted to meet your unique needs. From architects and main contractors to applicators and installers, our target audience encompasses those committed to enhancing fire safety.

Participants can expect to enhance their skills, receive certificates and their CPD points, and gain insights into addressing industry challenges. The technical courses are structured to provide detailed and practical knowledge of our products that can be immediately applied to real-world scenarios.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re excited to announce a dynamic calendar of CPDs and training sessions, including our very latest training on Cavity Fire Barriers. Running on a monthly basis, our trainings will be delivered online through our preferred platform, GoToWebinar. However, to cater to specific needs and upon request we also offer personal and face-to-face CPDs and trainings.

The success of Nullifire’s training programs is evident through the positive feedback received from participants who have benefitted in the past. Stay tuned for inspiring success stories that highlight the real-world impact of our training initiatives.

Ready to elevate your fire protection knowledge? Registration for Nullifire’s training programs is simple. Visit our website at: to explore the upcoming courses and secure your spot. No prerequisites are required; our programs are designed to accommodate professionals at all levels of expertise.

Join Nullifire in 2024 as we continue our mission to protect people and buildings from fire through knowledge, innovation, and industry-leading solutions.