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Innovative sustainable solutions

In this issue of Building and Facilities News, we have selected Premier Tech Water and Environment as the recipient of our Industry Excellence Award.

Premier Tech was established in 1923 by two brothers, who ran a successful family business, emigrated to the United States to market and sell sphagnum peat moss under the Premier Peat Moss label. Since then, Premier Tech has constantly reinvented its commercial business approach to deliver new and innovative solutions to help solve complex challenges in a range of diverse markets. In 1990, Premier Tech Aqua was established as a business dedicated to feeding, protecting and improving our world. In 2013, Premier Tech acquired ‘Conder Solutions’ to expand its product portfolio into the UK market. In 2020 the company rebranded to Premier Tech Water and Environment to reflect its commitment to protecting the planet’s vital resources.

Premier Tech today is a company that focuses on fulfilling customer needs, providing innovative products and services and investing in its people, who contribute directly to the company’s success.

“We are driven by innovation, striving to be the best by developing ideas, products and services that meet our objectives and the objectives of our customers,” added Ian Wake, Sales and Marketing Director.

The company’s main UK Head Office and industry leading manufacturing facility is based in County Durham in the North East of England. Premier Tech maintains a global presence, operating in five continents across the globe. The countries it maintains its operations in include: Ireland, France, Germany, Portugal, India, Sri Lanka, Canada and the United States – to name but a few.

Premier Tech treat and prevent raw sewage from entering lakes, rivers and watercourses with wastewater treatment solutions, and limit the damaging effects of heavy rainfall and contaminated surface water run-off with fuel/oil separators. Premier Tech also helps to conserve our limited water resources via rainwater harvesting systems and store waste or liquid until they can be used or disposed of, with glass reinforced plastic (GRP) storage tanks.

“Our range of sustainable local solutions cater for stakeholders typically involved in the design and construction phases of new developments. For products and services related to on-site wastewater treatment, this includes new house builds, commercial sites in the public sector such as schools, camping and caravan parks, hospitality buildings, leisure facilities and industrial sites. For surface water drainage we typically cater for all areas of the transport sector including rail, road, air and maritime sites,” added Ian.

At Premier Tech, people and technologies come together to design and manufacture sustainable products that help to protect and improve the world. The company’s main focus is on sustainability and demonstrating a commitment to preserving precious resources, is its most important differentiator.

Ian elaborated, “One example of this is our Ecoflo wastewater treatment system. This sustainable solution not only treats wastewater to a higher standard using zero energy, the coconut husk that makes up the filtering media is also fully natural, renewable and compostable!”

Premier Tech helps its customers to comply with the current UK regulations, set out by the Environment Agency for off-mains sewage outflows, and provides surface water drainage systems to help mitigate against contaminated storm overflows and groundwater pollution. All of its water and wastewater management services help to protect and preserve the environment.

In regards to recent challenges, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Premier Tech has demonstrated its resilient and resourceful nature, by digitalising normal procedures such as in-person meetings, to continue its operations. “We ensured that we could continue to communicate and effectively engage with customers outside of traditional in-person meetings. Digitalisation is how we overcame this particular challenge, with new tools, processes and practices being used to provide a positive and consistent brand experience for our customers,” said Ian.

In other recent news, Premier Tech has recently upgraded its range of 3,000 and 4,000 litre Rewatec Solido Smart sewage treatment plants, to provide an innovative and reliable solution to those in need of a wastewater treatment option in the residential sector. With new features including: Pre-assembled internal componentry, a 50% wider access turret and the incorporation of pump lifting chains, the Solido Smart is far more efficient, quicker to install and easier to service. Programmable values can also be set by homeowners via a control panel, to ensure the energy efficiency of the system is optimised. This, combined with the products existing sequencing batch reactor technology, can provide large cost savings while also working to reduce their carbon footprint.

As part of the company’s ethos for a more sustainable future, and as one of its key strategic objectives is to become an ecological leader, Premier Tech’s future plans are centred around making a conscious and proactive effort to look for ways in which it can reduce its carbon footprint. A selection of initiatives the company has incorporated so far include: new LED lighting through the factory, new compressors and a new heating system, all of which have contributed to reducing its carbon emissions by 35 tonne per year, thus far.

“We will continue to strive for a more sustainable future via the design and manufacture of sustainable local solutions. We have ambitious growth plans and we are constantly innovating to challenge the norm,” mentioned Ian.

Premier Tech is worthy of industry acknowledgement, for its ongoing commitment to strive for excellence on behalf of its customers, the environment and innovative solutions it supplies. Ian added, “We are honoured to receive this year’s Industry Excellence Award from Building and Facilities news. It is fantastic to be recognised for our commitment to sustainability and it is a great testament to the hard work and dedication of our team members and customer partners.”

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