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Modern foundations

Warm substructures are essential for achieving 21st Century energy efficiency standards. GreenRaft offers a state-of-the-art solution for modern, efficient, warm foundations to create a complete thermal envelope, fully wrapping your building from the bottom up.

Made exclusively from high-quality, water-resistant XPS, the GreenRaft formwork system is highly durable and ensures through-life thermal performance even in poor ground. Unlike conventional insulating formwork, GreenRaft uses a simple menu of components which assemble to meet any detail requirement and achieve precise heat loss targets; from flat rafts to insulated pile-raft foundations and multi-tiered slabs. Its innate adaptability assists designers and delivers cost certainty for groundworks programmes. Its buildability and speed of installation is rapidly winning groundworker fans.

With bearing capacities from 300-700KPa GreenRaft is equally applicable for small domestic and large multi-storey commercial projects. The GreenRaft Design Team prides itself on collaborating with innovative partners and incorporating cutting-edge technologies to minimise embodied carbon, boasting the world’s first post tensioned insulated raft, and pioneering the use of basalt fibre reinforcement technology in domestic foundations. It’s the go-to solution for reduced embodied carbon and passive standards.

For more information, call GreenRaft on 01392 925089 or check out: to use the GreenRaft U-value calculator.