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Online building materials marketplace launched to provide growth opportunities

Materials Market has launched! This online building materials marketplace is a new, collaborative model providing a route to market for merchants and distributors.

L-R Andrew Haehn
& Samuel Hunt,
Co-Founders at
Materials Market

In August 2019, Materials Market was founded following a pre-seed funding round of £130k from angel investors.

Materials Market website launched in November 2020 and represents an innovative, digital solution, which eases supply chain issues. This enables transparent, simple customer transactions for suppliers across the UK.

Materials Market were further bolstered by a £1.5 million raise in seed funding from Fuel Ventures in September 2021.

In 2019, the top online marketplaces across the world transacted over £1.47 trillion, accounting for 58% of global online sales. That statistic is rapidly growing partly due to the pandemic. Samuel Hunt, Co-Founder & CEO at Materials Market, explains how his solution will bring change to the construction industry, “The sector has been slower than others to move to a digital-first approach, so we wanted to create a one-stop shop that connects customers and suppliers in real time, allowing for better prices and faster deliveries.”

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