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Power Continuity: 2018 Winner ‘Company of the Year’

Building and Facilities News is pleased to announce that the outright winner for ‘Company of the year’ 2018 is presented to PowerContinuity Ltd.

This year, we’ve had a bumper number of entrants for our judge’s panel to choose the winning entrant. Our judge’s criteria for the selecting the winner is that the winning company has to have shown exceptional groundbreaking work in its field, together with professionalism and outstanding customer service.

Allan Bacon, UK Data Centre Installations Project Manager receiving the Company of the Year Award

Building and Facilities News is pleased to present the award ‘Company of the year’ 2018 to Power Continuity Ltd. for their outstanding installations in the UK Power Protection Industry undertaking power protection projects that were seemingly impossible to achieve and yet still deliver on time and within budget, impressed our judges.

‘Failure is not an option’ for Power Continuity Ltd. as they delivery 100% Power Continuity to their clients across the UK.

When the award was presented to Allan Bacon, UK Data Centre installations Project Manager, who said, “All of us at Power Continuity are excited to receive such a prestigious award from Building and Facilities News. This will go in ‘pride of place’ at our offices. Winning is a fitting end to a spectacular year for Power Continuity.”

Power Continuity undertakes the refurbishing & renovating of DATA Centres, Distribution Centres, Production facilities, where 100% Power Continuity is a necessity whether base level power protection or for greater resilience N+N, or N+2 automatic installations.

Power Protection is no longer a luxury but rather an absolute necessity to ensure 24/7 operations.

At Power Continuity, we turn your concept into 3D visualisations ready for design sign off. Then we proceed to the build stages in preparation for the delivery & positioning at the site, followed by the installation. All undertaken by our own ‘in house’ engineers, Power Continuity takes the ownership responsibility for your NO Break power protection installed solution, from conception to implementation. We dare because we care.

As Main contractor, we handle the total installation from beginning to the end; removing all the stress out of the job for the client.

Power Continuity Cares
Power Continuity Engineers, operate everyday of the year, power protecting the most well known operations in the UK.

Building and Facilities News noted that, “PowerContinuity are exceptionally accommodating at the start of a clients journey, making helpful suggestions with numerous design concepts allowing the customer to choose their preferred level of power protection. In fact, we noted, Power Continuity go ‘above and beyond’ to help their clients choose the best possible bespoke solution for each site, leaving no stone unturned. Nothing was too much trouble for their engineers, exceptional customer service.”

Power Continuity; we don’t just design automatic NO Break power protection systems; we maintain the power protection infrastructure operational. 24/7.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and Generator installations up to 10 megawatts are nothing unusual for Power Continuity.

Whether Battery based static UPS system, Multiple UPS or DRUPS rotary fly wheel UPS, Power Continuity design and install them all.

Air Conditioning and Fire Suppression installations are also installed by Power Continuity, making them the obvious choice for the total power protection resilient package. One stop shop.

With over 25 years experience, for NO Break Power Protection, then look no further it’s Power Continuity for 100% Power Continuity.

Crane lifts are common place for Power Continuity.

From Hospital to Banks, Data Centres to Production facilities, Power Continuity power protects them all. 24/7. Power Continuity Offices operate across mainland UK.

Our name says it all.

In our eyes, everyone is a winner.


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Power Continuity that works 24/7