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Q-Free UK: Leading the Way

Q-Free UK based in Weston-super-Mare in the South West of the UK are an industry leader in inventing, creating and delivering Intelligent Transport Systems across the world. Q-Free are the leading global supplier of Road User Charging (RUC) and Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS) solutions with regional offices spread out over 16 countries.

Our suite of solutions include:

  • High and Low Speed Weigh-in-Motion Systems
  • Traffic Counters and Classifiers
  • Bluetooth™ Journey Time Monitoring Systems
  • Cycle and Pedestrian Detection Systems
  • Air Quality Monitoring Systems.

We have developed our portfolio of products and software solutions to provide fully integrated and comprehensive solutions for congestion monitoring, incident detection and a host of other traffic management applications in support of highway maintenance and monitoring. We pride ourselves in the development of low-power solutions that can be provided with a variety of communications options including GPRS, GSM, USB, Bluetooth, RS232 and Ethernet TCP/IP. Furthermore, we are able to host the data on secure servers and provide customers with real-time information and reporting on network performance.

Successful projects in the UK include:

  • The service and maintenance of the DfT’s UK ATDC network (300 sites)
  • ITS supplier and maintainer for Transport for Greater Manchester and Derbyshire (1,500 sites)

T +44 (0)1934 644299