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Why Ground Protection Mats?

Ground conditions play a significant role in field operations and projects that need access to remote sites. Wet, muddy or uneven ground conditions can cause projects to be delayed or even halted. This can lead to significant commercial loss such as unrecoverable management time, loss of reputation and effect on future workloads. Unstable ground conditions are also frequent cause of minor incidents and near misses on sites. Even worse, complete failure of the ground has caused serious injuries and fatalities.

At TuffTrak®, we understand that safety is paramount, speed of deployment is critical, and durability standards need to meet the toughest and most extreme working environments. We take the time to fully understand our customers’ unique and specific project requirements considering ground and weather conditions as well as the range of vehicles, construction site or plant and personnel involved in their project.

Benefits of Ground Protection
Trackway panels get heavy equipment safely through mud, sand, snow and swampland conditions by creating temporary access roads and working platforms. Access to and from remote sites and a stable work area are a critical safety solution in the oil & gas, drilling, transmission, renewable energy, utilities, civil engineering, infrastructure, and construction industries.

Ground protection mats also prevent environmental damage to agricultural land, heritage sites or sensitive eco systems and cross contamination between sites.

Ground protection mats can also be used in construction, civil engineering, ground works, landscaping, oil & gas, transmission; wherever poor ground conditions are a critical factor. Ground protection mats are then used to create temporary access, parking or walkways providing safe access routes for the duration of an event while virtually eliminating severe rutting or damage to ground and landscaping and can ensure that vehicles, machinery and people can move freely on projects without becoming stuck in the mud or damaging sensitive ground, natural grass or turf.

TuffTrak® ground protection mats are the popular choice among professionals. They are easy to use, quick to deploy, lock into place to form a continuous, solid, safe and durable roadway or working platform. They are unequalled for quality and performance even under the most hazardous conditions.

TuffTrak® is the market leader in temporary access roads and ground protection solutions. We are committed to making quality products and delivering the highest levels of performance, quality and value.

What started out as 4 companies, AlturnaMats, SVE Portable Roadway System, Zigma Ground Solutions and Terraplas have joined forces as part of the Checkers Safety Group under the TuffTrak® brand bringing together over 30 years of industry experience to become a leading manufacturer of the largest range of temporary roadways, ground protection and turf protection products.

As part of our commitment to providing quality and performance, we play an active role in ensuring that our customers get the best out of our products. Our success is built on listening and responding to our customers’ specific requirements and problems, as we strive to provide them with cost-effective and an innovative solution.

TuffTrak is part of the Checkers Safety Group,