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SketchUp 2015 & its interoperability with BIM

SketchUp 2015, the latest edition of the 3D modelling platform from Trimble Buildings Group, was recently launched. Elmtec_920_10Designed for architects, engineers, design and construction professions and with more than 30 million unique activations in the past year, SketchUp is the most widely used 3D modelling software in the world today. The latest launch features a new 3D Warehouse and some interesting integrations with BIM (Building Information Modelling). Elmtec is the UK distribution partner in the UK and our dedicated team can offer you advice, support, and provide you with the latest updates.

SketchUp Pro is a powerful tool for exploring and presenting your ideas in 3D. SketchUp is intuitive, allowing anyone to model in 3D quickly and accurately. Using 3D models, professionals can make informed decisions, communicate project details and share ideas with colleagues and customers.

LayOut – part of the SketchUp Pro suite, lets you combine SketchUp models with text and 2D graphics to produce multi-page presentations, professional design documents and permit, construction and other dimensioned drawings.

Elmtec_920_08People from many disciplines use SketchUp to help them imagine their world in 3D, these include: Architecture and Design, Construction, Engineering, Digital Entertainment, and Education. SketchUP Pro’s interoperability with other commonly used CAD/3D tools and data has been improved significantly with the latest version. In incorporating three new features to export and classify models, the program is making key steps into the world of integrating design.

IFC Export – since the information embedded in information models is often used by other software programs, SketchUp Pro 2015 now includes another important industry standard to its roster of supported exports – the IFC 2X3 file type.

Classifer – this feature allows users to classify objects with the pre-loaded IFC classification, use alternate classification types or create a customised system for specific needs.

Component Options – provides editable options relevant to an object’s classified type, allowing pertinent data about each object to be managed throughout the information modelling process.

Elmtec_920_09“BIM workflows are often complex and rigid processes, and we believe they don’t need to be,” said John Bacus, director of SketchUp product management at Trimble. “With the new release, we are enabling users to participate more effectively at any point in the information modelling process. We’ve added simple tools for adding structured others on their project teams, regardless of the tools being used.”

SketchUp Pro licensing is now friendlier than ever before. Every SketchUp 2015 download starts with a 30 day trial of Pro features. Even better, 2015 Pro licenses can be used on a Mac or PC.

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