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Going waterless could cut facilities management sector urinal running costs by more than half at the same time as slashing CO2

Facilities management businesses could more than halve urinal running costs, at the same time as slashing CO2, by switching to waterless urinals. The findings, announced by Smarti Environmental to coincide...

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Premier Tech is proud to announce the next generation of its highly successful Rewatec Solido Smart

Premier Tech Water and Environment has upgraded its 3,000 L and 4,000 L range of Rewatec Solido Smart sewage treatment plants, to provide a peace of mind wastewater treatment solution...

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Sustainable local solutions that protect our planet

In this issue of Building and Facilities News, we are pleased to announce Premier Tech Water and Environment as our Sustainable Water Solutions Company of the Month. (more…)

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Premier Tech Water and Environment ensure a sustainable and eco-friendly environment

For over 25 years, global company Premier Tech Water and Environment has been protecting our properties and our environment with sustainable local solutions. With over 100,000 installations already across the...

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More for your money with the Motorola XT460

Two way radio is an essential aid to many professionals in the buildings and facilities management industry. But while the assistance it provides in helping to coordinate operations in fluid,...

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Wireless BEMS makes four seasons saving

The installation by Aimteq of WEMS wireless BEMS at 60 Pizza Hut Restaurants across the UK has led to a significant reduction in energy consumption. (more…)

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