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Wireless BEMS makes four seasons saving

The installation by Aimteq of WEMS wireless BEMS at 60 Pizza Hut Restaurants across the UK has led to a significant reduction in energy consumption. At the first 51 stores the average reduction in energy is 15 per cent (1,259,629 kWh), equating to a financial saving of over £125,000. Pizza Hut Restaurants, which plans to fit all of its UK restaurants with the technology, says it will reinvest the savings accrued into further energy-based initiatives.

The process to embrace better energy management started in 2012 when a change of ownership prompted new investment in the restaurants. As a business, the company became aware that considerable savings could be achieved by installing BEMS technology, and put in place a plan to upgrade all of its restaurants.

“In the first instance we undertook thorough research into the best solution, including contacting peers from the Restaurant Managers Energy Forum,” says Alex Wells, energy manager at Pizza Hut Restaurants.

The front end of the BEMS installed at each Pizza Hut restaurant is completely controlled by the Aimteq bureau service. However, staff can ring the helpdesk if they want something changed, which takes place immediately.

The wireless BEMS controls a number of energy-using assets to help reduce bills. For instance, when the restaurant is shut, external lighting is kept off, but between 06:00 and 23:00, there is a light level sensor which detects the external lux level. If the light level falls by a pre-agreed percentage (in this case, 45 per cent) the lights come on.

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