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The all-new lone worker Safety Watch

The first lone worker device that is able to communicate via Wi-Fi

The watch, which is 2G/3G/4G ready and uses Bluetooth Technology is ideal for those who work alone or remotely on site in complex buildings, where signal can be poor or non-existent, or when locating people in an emergency could take a long time. The powerful and technically advanced device allows lone workers to answer and receive calls over Wi-Fi or cell. Designed with safety in mind, the watch can raise alarms by detecting no movement, a fall or raise an alarm through the SOS button, which can be directed straight to our alarm receiving centre.

For added pinpoint location accuracy the Safety Watch can be used in conjunction with Bluetooth Beacons, which can be customised to floor level or room and is managed within our lone worker management portal, The OWL.

For more information on the Safety Watch, please visit:

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