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Ventilation for the built environment

Vectaire’s low energy MVHRs and MEVs ventilate homes, hotels, apartments, student accommodation or care homes, ensuring good indoor air quality for residents. They provide continuous ventilation, extract pollutants and humidity, and help combat mould and condensation. Heat recovery units maintain a constant intake of fresh, filtered air with high heat exchange efficiency to help keep homes warmer and save on energy costs.

Midis and Maxis (upright MVHRs) offer the option of integral LCD or remote LCD commissioning. ‘BY-AT’ models incorporate acoustic attenuation for really low noise levels. In-line EVOs, Mini and Studio are easily installed and are commissioned via a remote LCD. All have independent, variable speed adjustment for each motor.

The two sizes of Microbox (MEVs) are in-line units requiring only one discharge grille, use the minimum amount of ductwork (fewer fire dampers and less coring), and also have variable speed options.

New additions to Vectaire’s range are Purge-Box Units and Fire Rated Air Bricks.

Purge Boxes, available in two sizes, provide rapid purge ventilation as required by Building Regulations, Part F 2010, Appendix B. They are powerful, low energy solutions to creating a healthier ambient. They remove humidity, poor quality air, and stale odours QUICKLY in residential dwellings, and help tackle overheating issues (Building Regulations, Part O). Trickle, boost and purge speeds are set at installation. These Purge-Box units are low profile, easy to install in ceiling, loft or void using 220mm x 90mm ducting and requiring only one discharge grille. They operate quietly and efficiently with low running costs and are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. They can be used as stand-alone units or in conjunction with a Vectaire MVHR or MEV system.

The Fire Rated Air Bricks are high performance, non-combustible terminals designed for low resistance use with powered mechanical ventilation. Available in three sizes, 500mm or 100mm length. bezelled or non-bezelled and in five RAL colours with a range of accessories, they are manufactured from galvanised sheet steel, powder coated to Classification A2-s1, d0. They are fully compliant with safety regulations.

Both these new ranges complement Vectaire’s MVHRs, MEVs and DMEVs.

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