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The forefront of delivering solutions

The recent Facilities show proved to be a great success for us. We met a good cross section of the industry who were pleased to become aware of our comprehensive portfolio.

Lesco_919_02FM companies are now in the forefront of delivering solutions to meet the demands of a wide band of extremely demanding standards. These encompass compliance to norms in the area of the environment, enhancing the WELL being of staff, assisting the creation of efficient buildings to the BREEAM standard, and meeting all the SKA sustainability objectives.

We are committed to providing products with these criteria in mind. Consider the area of acoustics. Perhaps a glass partition meeting room where SKYPE calls are impossible due to revereberation distortion or a call centre where the noise level just builds to an unbearable level. Our SNOWSOUND® technology will provide ‘A’ rated sound absorbtion to the desired level providing attenuation across a wide band of frequencies. Light weight and cost effective with free onsite survey.

If you are struggling to achieve a SKA rating, we can provide products that will comply.

We work in various areas of providing interior accessories for Agile working , recycling and intelligent lighting etc. Please discover our website and friendly area managers.

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