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Spider Shop shielded by new DNA Spray System

AN EXOTIC pet store is the first business in Chester to be fitted with a DNA intruder spray as part of Cheshire Constabulary’s successful Operation Shield campaign.

Selectamark_918_03Operation Shield is a major anti-burglary operation protecting thousands of properties and businesses across the county with SelectaDNA forensic marking.

Since the campaign launched in March 2015, domestic burglaries have fallen by 41% in the space of just seven weeks (compared to 2010-2014 figures), representing the lowest figures for domestic burglary in Cheshire in 25 years.

Following this encouraging reduction in domestic crime, SelectaDNA is now being deployed in spray form to protect vulnerable businesses in Cheshire, with the first beneficiary being Contact Pets in Blacon, which specialises in exotic animals including lizards, snakes, frogs, tortoises and spiders.

The SelectaDNA Spray is activated when an intruder breaks into premises and the system emits a clear DNA-coded mist which cannot be rubbed off and sits on skin and clothing for weeks.

Deterrent warning signs have been erected on the pet shop premises to let criminals know that the business is now protected.

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