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The specialists in industrial concrete flooring

Concrete flooring is an extremely popular type of flooring among industrial facilities and warehouses and other large surface areas. Due to its low cost, fast installation and high durability; polished concrete is highly attractive for those looking for functional floors that can be operational very quickly.

Although being a great solution for the industrial sector, concrete flooring often faces various strains from working conditions in an industrial environment. From every day wear and tear and subjection to heavy loads, equipment, machinery and various personnel passing through with specialist industrial footwear; Concrete Flooring undergoes an abundance of strenuous activities. The importance of maintaining concrete and industrial floors is often lost through day to day production. Not only can this slow down production due to holes, cracks, dust and other damage, but it also increase the risk of accidents and the effectiveness of cleaning.

The magnitude of issues caused by insufficient cleaning of the floor is instrumental in causing damage to concrete floor as oil leaks, greases and chemicals can penetrate into the core of the concrete and cause considerable damage. The cost associated with such issues can also be astronomical.

This is where BECOSAN comes in! BECOSAN has produced a revolutionary grinding and polishing system, which provides an exquisite solution for polished concrete flooring and is well equipped to restore and repair damaged concrete floors too – at a cost effective price!

Assisting against dust formation, abrasions and reducing maintenance cost, BECOSAN’s concrete dust proof polished concrete floors have been expertly designed using a unique patented system to improve the appearance, performance and lifespan of concrete flooring.

BECOSAN transforms any concrete floor and turns it into a durable and attractive floor, with little maintenance needed.

How the process works is BECOSAN firstly, grinds away the micro-roughness on the floor and creates a smooth surface using a series of fine BECOSAN diamond abrasives. The abrasives are attached to power trowels for small areas and ride-on power trowels for large areas. The grits run from 50, used on the first pass and go up to 3000 which is used to bring the surface up to a glass like finish.

The next step, BECOSAN applies its BECOSAN Densifier. The densifier is a chemical which is sprayed onto the concrete floor, to bind the free lime particles and create a durable, abrasion resistant surface.

Lastly, the final step BECOSAN applies its BECOSAN Protective Sealer. Once this has been applied, the floor is spill resistant, durable/hardwearing and provides an aesthetically appealing shine.

A revolutionary solution for concrete flooring, BECOSAN is not like any other concrete coating. BECOSAN penetrates deep into the core of the concrete, chemically bonding the free lime particles and provides a long-lasting solution for maintaining the floors quality while working under conditions such as daily foot traffic of both people and heavy vehicles.

Providing a complete transformation of its customer’s concrete flooring, BECOSAN is proven to enhance production at its customer’s facilities. In fact, the company provides a guarantee of 10 years for its concrete floors, due to its reliability and durable design.

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