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Optimise your storage space and potential with The WP Group

In this issue of Building and Facilities News, we have selected The WP Group as our Specialist Storage Solutions Company of the Month.

Part of the completed JS Bailey installation

Originally known as West Pennine Storage Equipment, The WP Group was first established in 1988 by David Evans and Alan Reed and over the years has gained a national reputation for expertise in the field of warehouse racking and shelving. Gaining ongoing support from its growing customer base, WP offers a complete range of industrial storage solutions and equipment individually tailored to suit any industrial environment and is a Tier 1, national distributor, designer and installer of warehouse pallet racking systems and a specialist in mezzanine floor installations.

“Our objective is to provide and fit out storage spaces, to optimise the space of a warehouse or storage unit. We provide a range of products, to suit all shapes and sizes of storage space; offering custom designed solutions for all our customers. Whether the customer needs an intelligent storage solution for a new building or for re-purposing a pre-existing storage space, we can help,” said Colin Evans, Director. He continued, “We offer a personalised service for our customers and start by understanding their unique requirements, to which we apply our industry knowledge to design a full solution, to maximise space and if possible improve upon their initial idea.”

Providing a comprehensive solution for its customer, WP Group can assist on all project sizes. Whether it’s for a full warehouse installation or simple racking or shelving storage for a small storage area, the company is fully equipped to assist businesses with their storage needs. “We provide a full solution for warehouse installations from initial inquiry to design, installation, support and inspections.”

WP’s range of products is expansive and consists of pallet racking systems, shelving, beams, frames, ladders, lockers, cabinets and much more. “Alongside our designed solutions, we offer an extensive range of complimentary storage products, such as cabinets for offices and shelving. We have 8,000 items in our e-commerce site to assist customers with their storage needs.”

Another notable service that the company specialises in is Mezzanine flooring which is a specialist flooring system designed to occupy the often wasted space in warehouses and maximise its use for storage, offices, training rooms and a variety of applications. A great way of improving upon a pre-existing storage space, WP’s Mezzanine floor systems are cost effective and able to increase and provide additional space and in turn, create more capacity for our customers to grow without relocating.

Commenting on the importance of customer relationships, Colin Evans stated, “We pride ourselves on delivering great customer service, building long-term relationships and helping them grow their business; so much so that we have had a customer come to us 20 years ago and return to us three times since, providing their new warehouse racking each time as they expanded into three different premises.”

In terms of recent projects for the company, WP Group were approached by JS Bailey Cheese Ltd to put forward a proposal to provide a purpose-built drive-in racking installation for the company’s new warehouse facility. Working alongside the main contractor and senior company representatives, WP created the perfect internal storage scheme to support the new facility.

Comprising 3 blocks of Drive-In racking, up to a height of 9.20m, the new racking has created an additional 760 pallet positions, comprising 32 lanes, up to 6 pallets deep, spread across the new warehouse layout.

WP Group Design Consultant, Nick Robinson, worked on the project from its inception to installation, updating the initial racking plans to suit the ongoing adaptations as and when changes in the construction specification required, “Working with the main contractors, we adapted our drawings as new challenges emerged, a new supporting structure meant an update to both position, height and specification of our rack installation. In some instances, this was a challenging project, but one for which the final result gave me a lot of personal satisfaction and which will deliver on all aspects of the customer brief.”

“It’s great to see the final realised installation,” Colin added. “Our team have worked diligently to deliver a fantastic project, across an enormous facility which will be here for years to come. We’re immensely proud of our experience and on this project, it really counted, a big thanks to Alan, Nick and the team.”

As the UK braces itself for Brexit and the upcoming challenges that may occur, there is a growing demand for businesses to optimise their own storage and stockpile their own goods. With this current growing demand, the need for storage space optimisation to enable more flexibility to hold increased stock or raw materials on sites in the UK is of extreme importance for UK businesses and WP Group is on hand to help ‘beat your Brexit storage problems.’ Colin told us that, “With the uncertainty of Brexit, we have seen an increase in the demand for businesses to store their own goods. We can help businesses store more goods at their own site and overcome these challenges. Were here to help and can enable businesses to optimise their space.”

Speaking of the future plans for The WP Group, the company is planning to continue its organic growth and nourish its relationship’s with both new and existing customers. “We are continuing our successful business model and maintaining a loyal customer base both old and new.”

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