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Get fit fast with Tanita’s ingenious multi-faceted scales

Building and Facilities News is pleased to announce that Tanita Corporation has received the Health Technology Company of the Month profile for their expert health monitoring technology.

Tanita was established in 1923 in Japan by the Tanita family. Set up as an ethical healthcare product manufacturer, Tanita sought to develop and deliver technology to facilitate health monitoring. With international headquarters based in Tokyo, Japan, Tanita have sister companies in the USA, China and Hong Kong, and a Head Office in Amsterdam to oversee the EMEA region. In addition, Tanita also boast numerous award-winning manufacturing facilities in Japan and China.

The Japanese based manufacturer specialises in producing innovative scales and body monitors that can be used to measure fat levels, muscles mass and more. Tanita body monitoring equipment can be used by both professionals and the public and better yet, are verified as having the highest accuracy of all measurement products. However, their industry leading scales don’t just measure one aspect, offering users a one stop solution to measure a combination of things such as: weight, body fat %, total body water %, muscle mass, bone mineral mass, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, body mass index, visceral fat and much more.

Madeleine Bosch, Tanita’s International Marketing Manager, explained, “Today, Tanita is the world leader in health monitoring technology, with sales of more than 28 million home-use and professional products. Tanita manufactures weighing equipment for both professional and home usage; babe scales, kitchen scales, personal scales, body composition monitors, professional and medical body composition monitors and more.”

All of Tanita’s superior products have earned the ISO 9001 certification, CE marking, NAWI, MDD, membership of the JQA (Japanese Quality Association) and FDA clearance. In addition to supplying state of the art weighing technology, Tanita are consistently evolving and developing their product range, researching new and innovative ways to facilitate health monitoring. They manufacture a range of different body monitors that come with numerous added features such as automatic user recognition. One of their newest and most exciting launches is the Bluetooth Connected range that enables remote health monitoring.

Among their most popular products is the Tanita BC-545n, the health assessment you can do at home. The body monitor provides ten different measurements, including fitness progress and overall health. However, the real uniqueness is the machine’s Segmental Technology which measures the separate muscle and fat percentages in individual limbs and body parts. Others in the Segmental Body Composition Monitor range include the BC-601, RD-545 and more.

The Body Composition Monitor range contains the highly innovative BC-532 which uses sophisticated technology to track minute weight changes over time with super precision. It is highly popular among those seeking to lose weight, and in addition to giving them an accurate account of their fitness progress, it motivates them to continue shedding too.

Everybody can make use of Tanita’s range of ingenious health products. They frequently sell to fitness and sport centres, hospitals, GP’s, personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, health and wellbeing suppliers, pharmacies and the health-conscious general public. Tanita also currently have plans to expand a new restaurant concept. The restaurant was originally borne to provide the staff body with a healthy in-house restaurant serving healthy 500 calorie meals, and after proving a smash success, the restaurant will be expanding worldwide.

As the leading name in health monitoring technology, Tanita can be sure to attend numerous high-profile trade shows and expos around the world. Some of those frequently attended include FIBO in Germany, The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism in the Netherlands, the Pharmacy Show in the UK and Medica in Germany.

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