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Building and Facilities News are incredibly pleased to present Berry Systems as its selected Company of the Month providing Car Park Barrier Solutions, Industrial, Cladding and Modular Car Park Products.

Berry Systems are known for specialising in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of a wide range of car park barrier solutions for the off-highway market, particularly multi-storey car parks. It was first established in 1970 and later acquired by Hill & Smith Ltd – a renowned provider of specialist barrier solutions to the highway market. With over 48 years’ experience, Hill & Smith Limited wanted to bring their wealth of knowledge to branch out into the off-highway market also.

Based in Bilston, West Midlands, Berry Systems specialise in MSCPs (Multi-Storey Car Parks) providing vehicle restraint systems that have been designed and tested to deliver superior protection from vehicles with low impacts. All car park barriers are fully tested systems in accordance with the relevant BS/EN standards and Eurocodes to ensure you are fully protected upon installation. Berry Systems is the only company that can provide a flexible system that is tested in accordance with BS 6180 – a patented item making it is exclusive to Berry Systems.

The company also provides additional protection to off road sites such as industrial yards, distribution centres and commercial premises, through their industrial product range. The range helps reduce vehicle speed to prevent the likelihood of impacts therefore creating a safer environment for all. Their cladding solutions provide a safer exterior to car parks and can be integrated with the safety barrier systems to create a bespoke system and design. Both product types come in a range of finishes and styles to incorporate your design and aesthetic aspirations whilst also being compliant. Berry’s also supply an innovative modular car park solution to help increase your car park capacity typically by 80-100% and overcome your parking problems. With their innovative design, they can create 100 car park spaces in 5 days with minimal disruption to your current car park.

“Our car park barriers are the very foundations of Berry Systems and something we are established and known for throughout the off road industry,” commented Abbie Foster, Marketing Co-ordinator. “We are making great progress with our industrial and cladding offerings and continue to provide high quality products to offer a full turnkey solution to our customers.

“The look you want, the protection you need’ – is what we go by in all that we do. We aspire to deliver the protection you need to meet regulation but not restrict on your creativity and design. We can work with you to create a solution that harmonises both safety and style – something which we believe strongly in.”

Due to the variety of products, the company can extend its offering as a full turnkey solution for multi-storey car parks. Cladding, safety barriers and industrial products can all be catered for in house and managed as a full project to save you hassle.

“We go above and beyond for our customers,” Abbie explained. “If we don’t manufacture something, we will source it for you. Our design, manufacture and supply is all done on site so we can monitor your project from conception to completion.

“We have recently expanded our team by recruiting highly skilled staff and training existing team members to help widen our skills set to provide an even better service to our customers. Our team are the people behind our success and we will always encourage them to grow and develop as it is the key to our growth as a business.”

“Our aim is to continue to grow and still provide the great service we currently do for our customers,” she concluded. “In terms of product development, we are consistently looking at how we can improve products and cater for more specifications. For recommendations and feedback we have created an email address for our customers to contact as we welcome all comments and ideas. You can contact us on:”

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