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Get more from your structural floor with EGGER Protect

Quality of build is becoming an ever-increasing focus on construction sites around the UK, but with the pressure to build more houses than ever before, builders are looking for products that can offer more than face value. EGGER Protect is an innovative structural flooring board from chipboard manufacturer EGGER, that is a product that surpasses the expectation of structural flooring needs, proving invaluable to builders.

EGGER Protect with dual-sided protection, which protects the board from moisture ingress

Dan Soulsby, National Construction Account Manager at EGGER UK, says, “With the demand on UK housing supply a critical issue, it’s important that manufacturers and suppliers in the industry provide the best quality materials that allow builders to progress through the build with ease, and provide the end user with a high quality home that stands the test of time.”

Made from EGGER P5, EGGER Protect is upgraded using various manufacturing techniques to produce a board that has proven to be indispensable to house builders, both onsite and throughout the life of the board.

With a melamine bonded surface on both sides, the board has proven anti-slip properties, even when wet, contributing to site safety. The surface can be used as a rough working deck and any materials such as cement and plaster can easily be scraped off without causing any damage. Excess joint and joist adhesive can also be easily scraped off when dry. The robust surface of the board is also able to endure the wear and tear of heavy site traffic.

EGGER Protect is able withstand exposure to the elements for up to 60 days and is guaranteed to remain structurally sound (when used as part of the Advanced Structural Flooring System). This provides builders with peace of mind, especially when faced with site stoppages that are beyond their control. The unpredictable British weather, labour and material shortages will be a problem of the past for builders who use EGGER Protect, as they can have confidence that the boards will remain structurally sound, whatever the weather. The boards can be easily laid in light rain conditions, minimising weather related stoppages onsite.

EGGER Protect is the only board from EGGER that is recommended for use with underfloor heating systems. Burst pipes and leaking washing machines, a common problem with many households, which can be proven costly if damage to the floor occurs. With EGGER Protect, you can have confidence that the boards will remain intact if exposed to water. The board will protect against moisture ingress for the life of the build, a vital benefit to house builders, reducing the number of call backs upon completion of the build.

EGGER Protect is also the only board from EGGER that they recommend tiling directly onto using a flexible tiling adhesive. Ceramic floor tiles can be laid directly onto the board without the need for an overlay. It the ideal board as it is less prone to dimensional movement caused by moisture, which can present problems in tiled floor finishes.

EGGER Protect features tongue-and-groove profiling on all four sides; a feature that is created using a unique, diamond tipped tool. This method produces tight fitting, precise joints, minimising air gaps between the boards and preventing water from seeping into the core of the board. The tongue-and-groove profile reduces installation times and results in stronger floors when used in conjunction with EGGER Joint and Joist Adhesive, a unique D4 based adhesive that foams out of the joints and when dry, secures the boards in place and further protects against moisture ingress.

Sustainable housing is a current topical issue that is at the forefront of most house building projects. With many house builders choosing sustainable methods of construction and products, the sustainability credentials of the products they use from their suppliers is ever increasing in importance. With no protective films to remove from the surface of the board, EGGER Protect helps to minimise waste generated onsite and reduces labour costs associated with the removal of residual waste. Reducing the number of skips onsite not only saves money, but also helps to contribute towards the sustainability of the build.

EGGER Protect is certified to the PEFC and FSC accreditation, providing house builders with the confidence that the boards they are using are made from responsibility sourced and sustainable raw materials.

For more information, contact the EGGER Building Products hotline on 0845 602 4444 or email: or visit: