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Power Continuity – 2020 winner ‘Company of the Year’

Building and Facilities News is pleased to start 2020 with the announcement that our first Company of the Year winner of this new decade is Power Continuity Ltd.

All of our entrants are carefully assessed across a wide range of aspects such as environmental awareness, apprentice training, exceptional customer service, delivering the highest quality of ‘on site’ works together with a zero accident record during the last 12 months.

Building and Facilities News’ Company of the Year 2020 Power Continuity Ltd meets our judges’ winning criteria with flying colours.

When we reviewed Power Continuity System track record for 2019 it was noted that all their installations had operated flawlessly as designed. Especially of merit was the fact that during the widespread GRID failure that affected millions across the UK in August 2019, Power Continuity’s clients saw no power outage at all because their automatic emergency power continuity systems kicked in seamlessly, to replace the failed GRID power supply.

Power Continuity is a specialist for power protection installations. They design each system in house before carrying out the build and installation, all by Power Continuity’s own team of engineers.

The award was presented to Chris Lewis, Critical Installations Manager, who commented, “On behalf of the whole team at Power Continuity I’m very proud to receive this award for the recognition of our high quality power installations. It’s such an honour to be chosen by Building and Facilities News for this high profile award. What an amazing start to 2020. We never expected to win a second time. What a privilege!”

Building and Facilities News asked Chris, what’s new for you and the Power Continuity team this year?

“We’ve got some very large projects already underway, that we’ll be pleased to share with you later on in the year. Brexit hasn’t had any effect on our business; in fact we’re probably handling much more work for our clients than ever before.”

Building and Facilities News also asked Chris, what would you say makes Power Continuity stand out from the crowd?

“Good question. I would say we help each customer to choose their preferred level of power protection, and then hold their hand each step of the way throughout the process to ensure they have the very best possible bespoke power protection solution for their site. Definitely bespoke. Each installation is 100% automatic so they can get on with their business whether the GRID is available or not.”

Building and Facilities News is always on the lookout for companies that are flag bearers for the industry, those who bring through apprentices and are developing alternative systems to protect the environment.

Building and Facilities News also was told that, “Power Continuity has already had a patent granted for their own designed revolutionary power protection system that they have been working on behind the scenes for the last six years, and their working prototype will be operational to test this year.”

During the last 12 months, Power Continuity has undertaken the refurbishment and renovation of multiple data centres as well as production facilities, ‘beefing up’ their resilience to at least N+N as a bare minimum. Random Terrorist Actions mean that power protection is no longer viewed as an extra level of security, rather an absolute requirement to be able to operate 24/7/365.

As a main contractor, Power Continuity Systems handles the total installation from beginning to the end. They produce their own 3D animations ensuring the functionality of the systems, to future proof any anticipated growth. However complex count it, job done.

Building and Facilities News asked Power Continuity about the future of Containerisation.
“This seems to be the way forward for many multi-nationals. We containerise all our very large generators to allow them to be installed and re-located across the street or across Europe.

“Our data centre containers are also very popular. Each containerised system can be 4, 9 or 18 rack and comes complete with all UPS, air con, internal lighting, security, generator backup & fire suppression all N+1 resilience. We lift them into position by crane and complete the site installation ourselves. Then, there are our rotary fly wheel UPS containers which are approximately 2 megawatts each. Again, totally transportable.”

Power Continuity Service
We don’t just design automatic no break power protection systems; we make sure the power protection systems’ infrastructure remains operational. Status with remote monitoring, 24/7. Hardware and software upgrades too, no issue.

Global companies depend on reliable infrastructure, so whether it is uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generator installations or data centres from 1-10 megawatts, they turn to Power Continuity Systems for trusted reliability.

Whether it’s hospitals or banks, data centres or production facilities, Power Continuity power protects them all. 24/7. The force is with you.

With almost 30 years, no break power protection, installed experience, look no further for genuine Power Continuity it has to be Power Continuity Ltd.
Our name says it all. Let’s win together.


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