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Is your lift providing a five star stress free service? Does your lift breakdown frequently? Customers been trapped? Employees forced to use the stairs carrying heavy equipment? Does your lift make unnerving noises? Continuous door failures? When approached to resolve the above examples, in most cases simply maintenance has not been carried out, or the lift installed clearly was not fit for purpose.

iKONIC listens to those who seek assistance, so understands the importance and increased demand for excellence especially in the Hospitality sector. Your lift simply needs to work. The growing demand for excellence and 24/7 reliability regarding lift solutions are exceeded by iKONIC LIFTS’ Cloud-based remote lift monitoring system.

Pro-active solutions to reach service and maintenance expectations in 2020 and beyond! iKONIC’s condition monitoring system can be quickly integrated onto any existing lift and can inform of lift issues before they arise. Utilising various levels of access to the monitoring dashboard, iKONIC can action remote adjustments, is notified if the lift’s behaviour changes and can truly predict future failures before they arise. This also enables end users to have their own interface, so they too can monitor performance, availability, traffic, trends and energy consumption via a simple app! New for 2020, iKONIC’s Cloud-based lift monitoring system will reduce downtime, improve operational efficiency and allows for faults to be predicted and resolved pro-actively.

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