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Trusted specialist provider of hot water, heating and power systems

Building and Facilities News is proud to announce that Adveco has been selected as our HVAC Company of the Month.

Adveco is a specialist in commercial hot water, heating and low carbon applications, and develops, manufactures and supplies technologies, applications and systems. “We work with consultants, specifiers and designers, providing informed support and partnership through our application engineering team to design and deliver systems optimised to be highly efficient and cost-effective,” explained UK Sales Manager, Greg Brushett (pictured).

For contractors, Adveco offers a single, versatile sales resource that ensures delivery of the most cost-effective system. Similarly, facility and energy managers are supported through product remote monitoring, technical support, warranty, and maintenance service to ensure system longevity and help realise low total cost of ownership.

While products can be supplied ‘off-the-shelf’, Adveco specialises in bespoke work. After assessing application/system demands to make optimal product recommendations, Adveco supplies the customer along with manufacturer-grade after sales support. “We choose or design products to be as efficient as possible, reducing operational costs and cutting or completely removing harmful CO and NO2 emissions,” Greg said. “Both are a critical requirement for organisations, the latter especially as they strive to introduce greater sustainability en route to achieving net-zero.”

Notably, Adveco’s range of modern, high-efficiency floor-standing and wall-hung MD gas boilers is now matched by a new, sleeker generation of tough and efficient modulating commercial floor-standing gas condensing water heaters. These can be connected directly to a chlorinated mains water supply and will resist the naturally corrosive nature of soft water. When used in conjunction with a buffer vessel, this AD range of water heaters is designed to meet high semi-instantaneous hot water demands, typically seen in hotels, leisure centres, stadia and spas.

Another of Adveco’s defining products is its bespoke and now pre-sized Packaged Plant Rooms. These weatherproof GRP structures are designed and then built offsite and delivered ready for rapid installation when space is at a premium. The e-Hot Water System variant provides a standardised, resilient, environmentally friendly hot water system that takes advantage of air source heat pump technology to help reduce a building’s energy consumption and operational costs across its lifetime.

As the Government’s road-map for achieving net-zero across the built environment remains unclear, Adveco’s holistic thinking ensures it is equipped to deal with any outcome. “While we wait for clearer government guidance in particular to establish if the future of UK heating will be designated all electric, hydrogen/green gas, or a mix of the two, our approach is to be prepared for all options. This drives our constant exploration of new technologies and reiterates the advantages of being independent, enabling us to create technical partnerships that allow us to be quick on the uptake of new, or more relevant technologies, while continuing to leverage our own deep technical experience.

“In the near term, we will be further developing our portfolio of heat pumps for commercial applications, as well as designing new hybrid systems that take best advantage of this and other technology. We also see the huge, and cost-effective, potential for the large scale roll out of hydrogen to the commercial sector. All of which will require a greater demand for complete system design. We already have a strong offering and see further consultancy work, especially for D&B contractors driving our future growth,” Greg concluded.

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